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Japan Expo 2013: Frenchlockian stand in Paris

Hello everybody, this year I will be as usual at Japan Expo / Comic’con, between the 4th and the 7th of July, but the big difference this year is that I’ll help on a stand: CK 24.
I have contribute to it with some bookmarks and post cards and badge, previews are up there ;-)
I will also have some Star Trek plush and jewel, mainly small earrings
I will open after that my shop at storenvy and most of those things will be available there.
This post is not really about bragging about my art, I can tell you that I haven’t been this creative in years and to have to work with so many talented people help a lot and there I want to encourage you to meet the wonderful people behind the Frenchlockians, go and see their tumblr ok end rambing here;-) but also because I need your help to choose a badge.

As always I will be in cosplay there and this year besides my usual Starman cosplay I will be Martin Creiff and I want to have a Cabin Pressure badge, so if you could drop on the comment or in my ask the number of your favorite badge up there you’ll be very helpful.

Consider you all kissed, hugged and called George ;-)

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