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Here’s another one ! 2014 10 09 - Museum Of London ’ Sherlock Holmes - The Man Who Never Lived and will Never Die ’ by Matt Alexander

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Caption : Conservator Melina Plottu prepares a Belstaff coat worn by Benedict Cumberbatch in the popular Sherlock television series, ahead of the opening of the Sherlock Holmes exhibition, which opens to the public on Friday 17 October, at the Museum of London. Issue date: Thursday October 9, 2014. The exhibition will be the largest of its kind for over 60 years, drawing on the museum’s Victorian and Edwardian collection and bringing together Sherlock Holmes material from across the globe. Several key international loans, such as a turn-of-the-century portrait of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and a bust of Sherlock Holmes, both of which are from the Sherlock Holmes Museum in Switzerland, will be on display in the exhibition, which runs from Friday 17 October 2014 to Sunday 12 April 12 2015. Photo : Matt Alexander

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YES! New stage still-and it’s a big file! The top photo discovery from the stage stills of “The Secret of Sherlock Holmes” at the Wyndham Theatre, is the largest and most high definition photo scan I’ve found on the Internet yet, with the exception of the more well-known second color still below.

These stage stills keep popping out of unknown corners of the Internet, usually out of forums.  It’s gotten to the point where I’ve found the majority of the entire Pritchard Archive floating about in the dark corners of cyberspace, in Japanese photography collections, in inactive JB fan forum threads and on archived fansites that went inactive more than 10 years ago.

I do believe my newly discovered top photo is the retrospective in “Secret” where Holmes drops his disguise in Watson’s practice in “The Empty House”, leading up to asking Watson’s forgiveness for disappearing for three years after Reichenbach.  It brought me to tears just listening to it after doing the restoration on the sound file, which I posted on my SoundCloud.

This is a cool thiiiiiiiiiiiiiing

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